No trappings of a royal haveli or majestic grandeur. But a well-curated nobleman’s home, lost in time somewhere in Mumbai where the doors were always open to welcome unannounced visitors, where the lady of the house ensured no one left without a thoughtful feast at her table, where generations of tradition wove into mouldy remains of the crumbling walls.

Through previous association with Pali Village Cafe, the story board aimed at resurrecting or rather evoking a subconscious bygone era in a city she loves, Pali Bhavan was the perfect palette to cast that spell again.

As Tejal aptly puts it down to an amalgamation of every culture this city boasts of. A unique melting pot that for some would be reminiscent of a large vernacular house that centered around a chowk and a sacred prayer space embodying the bustle of domestic chores that intertwined with the easy social communion of a goathan home or perhaps even the chawl system now slowly disintegrating.

Most of the structural accents were sourced by her from different parts of the country. The Industrial Vintage furniture was specially commissioned by Ironworks for the restaurant.