By Tejal Mathur

An experiment to scale up the drama in a petite apartment on Marine Drive. “Not looking for a consistent feel, we want the variations you bring to the table”- The brief from the couple who had studied my work (thank God for social media) and while was pretty sure the size of the space would drown their own fantasy of an artsy take and give ways to practical measures.

Several permutations down and conversations, it was redeeming for me (considering the space allocations for needs of a couple and daughter) the engagement pushed our boundaries to go overboard with complex textures and detailing. No corner is devoid of a strong detail.

In my experience the tighter the space, the visual elements need to be large and strongly integrated into the structure as there is less room to add decor fluff.

Even the sliding doors that expose the daughter’s windowless room has its own doll house character when viewed from the mature styling of the living room. There it did not need to be consistent neither in materials or forms. Somehow the languages seamlessly connected like a well-arranged mash up.

The master bedroom had to have its privacy and the unobtrusive door at the end opens into a small vestibule and the room tucked away with a small bathroom and walk-in for client (made sense to territorially divide for the sake of conjugal peace)

Of course, fitting in millennial consumerism (read bags, shoes, perfumes and a zillion fashion moods) in the areas was an effective task (why do people with small spaces have most shoes). But logical geometry comes to me naturally with a practical sense of ergonomics

A classic vibe to the master gives it the oomph and comfort with the back wall in-situ as the punch in neutrals

Lime Plaster walls, concrete panels and in-situ kinda ensure it will age gracefully (my endeavor of making a home timeless) add a bespoke touch as our homes look very different from each other.

Our supportive partners in the game of zones for furniture and accents were as invested in the outcome.

And the intelligence of client’s POV on letting me fly with my vision to bring his dream to reality.