By Tejal Mathur

Intensity for me is everything and the lyrical quality of a layered piece- no matter what genre it explores, must have it’s own rhythm that flows in the narrative with a hook to then make it magical.
As a design house, we love the endless possibilities of storytelling and when ex-model and –anchor Shonali Malhotra Soni approached me for her new glam digs, which is a five bedroom apartment, she also hinted at contemporary smart without going OTT.
Visualizing a form in a deep grey well- fitted trench coat and fur lined deep emerald pointed boots that conjured a full bodied palette – we successively called it The Luxe Forest.
Dark roughened marbles and pewter walls lend the structure a robustness and permanence of a soft seductive cave in the living room and softened as we approached the rooms.
Plush leathers and chlorophyllic colours in the suedes and velvets create the calmness of an evening glow in a shaded grove.
All the drama is in the marbles and as they come together in their diversity, it holds a tough exterior with an inner cone of a sensuousness in the subconscious.