By Tejal Mathur


For a 5 – bed apartment in Mumbai, the soul of the narrative explores the confluence of various forms and degrees of indigenous craft from different cultures that take to each other in a rather intense space that epitomizes….literally too….the union of diversity, the bond of blood and the
nature of love.

For a small family with parents and their son and daughter, it was apparent the adherence to core values of family and tradition had to seamlessly blend with the ebullient choices of smart furniture from world brands like West Elm. The throws and cushions were from Nagaland.

The structure embodies several experiments in bespoke concrete panels, in-situ and micro cements. Layering and letting walls do much of the talking is something our studio thrives on. Even rough non sanded timber planks back some areas where specially sourced “Mandir Doors” and a gilded console comfortably rest in the space like they were always there.

The intrepid choice to go a deep primal red on the seamless floor of the living room was, perhaps, the epiphany to symbolize all things celebratory, auspicious and the mark of a union – all things relatable and rooted in Indian craft.